About Technology with Heart & Laura Rose Lambert

Origins of Technology with Heart


Laura Rose Lambert, L.Ac. sitting at the table working.

Technology with Heart grew out of my wish to help my peers in alternative medicine navigate and utilize technology. Throughout my time at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine I often advocated for the responsible integration of different technologies into our medical practices.

Technology is an important part of my life, from an early age I have clear memories of staring at the inside of computers with my Dad and spending hours creating websites from the ground up. From my parents I learned the wonder and limitless opportunities technology can create. When I attended Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, the persistent attitude that technology is a burden confounded me. From my perspective when technology is thoughtfully implemented  it can simplify our practices, attract business and offer conveniences to our patients.

For many practitioners computers, website oriented services and software can seem hopelessly confusing. When faced with almost foreign terminology and endless options, I am your translator and filter. My goal is to understand your needs and limits, offer you options and help carry out what you choose. I want to give you the tools and knowledge to support your different technological systems.

Are you interested in Technology with Heart services and my brand of technology consultation? Please contact me or request a quote. For specific information about what I do please visit my Services page.

About Laura Rose Lambert

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I am not constantly behind a computer screen. My husband and I live in southwest Portland with our dog Wednesday, three cats Ed, Pixel, Ash and our flocks of chickens and quail. We spend much of our time creating a sustainable household and cooking whole foods. We are often in the garden or brainstorming about projects involving our ‘city farm.’

Adam & Laura on wedding day

Adam & Laura-Rose on their wedding day.

Adam and I take part in the diverse world of Science Fiction/Fantasy. We have a regular schedule of comic and fantasy art conventions. In the summer, we attend Renaissance and Medieval re-enactment fairs. As a result, I have a long list of sewing and needlework projects. In 2011 we married in a Doctor Who themed ceremony full of geeky Sci Fi references.

In 2007 I graduated from Lewis & Clark College with a bachelor of arts in religious studies. Religious studies is a philosophy, history, economics, psychology, sociology, anthropology and international relations degree rolled into one. I love to study the wonder with which different religions approach every day life. I feel that my study of religions helps me empathize with those around me.

From 2008 to 2012 I studied Chinese Medicine at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. Currently I am in the process of developing my practice in the Portland, Oregon area. If you’d like to learn more about this part of my life visit Dancing Rabbit Traditional Medicine. I am a licensed East Asian Medicine Practitioner in the state of Washington and in the process of licensing in Oregon. I am also a NCCAOM certified diplomate of Oriental Medicine. In Spring quarter 2013 I will be a supervisor in the OCOM herbal medicinary.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions,