Hi! I’m Laura.

At Technology with Heart my goal is to help you thoughtfully use technology in a way that serves your patients, yourself and fulfills the vision you have for your business.

Are you tired, frustrated and just plain done with technology?

We’ve all done it. You thought, “Yes! This is the solution! If I integrate this app or device I’ll save time, increase focus on my patients and my business will run itself!”

But then reality sets in. In a few weeks or months you’re spending too much time on the phone or computer. You feel stuck and helpless to the demands of a system that just doesn’t work for you.

Our culture and profession relentlessly move toward more and more technology but many of us are tired, resentful and long for the good ol’ days of paper.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Technology doesn’t have to happen to us. Stop letting technology dictate how you work and find the tools that are aligned with your vision for your healing practice.

But there are so many choices! So many directions to go! That’s where Technology with Heart helps. We listen to you, learn how you work, what your passions are, your strengths and weaknesses. We dig through the countless number of options and find the tech solution that is truly designed with you in mind. Then we help you develop and nuture a healthy relationship with the technology or system you just implemented.

Let’s get started!

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