email at night

When email becomes the monster on your back

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I have always struggled with email. When I get overwhelmed or just plain busy, it is the first essential routine that gets dropped. To my shame many, many e-mails addressed personally to me have gone ignored because I. simply. cannot. deal.

This is one of the many reasons why I’m changing my approach to email. Because if the system you have isn’t working (aka you’re not actually processing email) then you need to come up with something different. During my research into new strategies, I came across the concept of inbox zero.

paper & technology with an EHR

4 decisions you need to make before shopping for an EHR

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There are a ton of options to choose from for your charting software and it seems like every day sees the launch of a new EHR (electronic health record) program.

You can’t look closely at every option available. And you shouldn’t! It is easy to experience overwhelm when looking for an EHR that fits your practice. Before you start making demo appointments or signing up for free trials, make these four decisions to shorten your list of EHR and/or practice management systems.